Difference Between Stainless Steel and Aluminium?

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The aluminium and stainless-steel seem quite similar materials, however unquestionably it’s not true. The characteristics and application zones are divergent and international. Aluminium is employed in craft, bicycles, etc because it is light-weight Unlikely Stainless-steel has dominated the food and appliances trade, chemical and infrastructure ventures.

Aluminium is that the second most overabundant metal on the world. it’s some commendable properties like light-weight, plasticity, and non-magnetic. Oppositely, Stainless-steel has a lot of weight and strength. it’s associate degree uniting those proffers corrosion-resistant, heat resistance, weldability, and a few stainless-steel grades are magnetic.

However, it’s associate degree exigent job once it involves segregate aluminium and stainless-steel. They each look similar.

A simple key check is often used, that doesn’t need any tool or instrument. merely rub the key on the unidentified surface of the metal, if scratches seem while not applying a lot of pressure, then it’s aluminium. On the opposite aspect, scratches won’t seem simply on Stainless-steel.

When aluminium and stainless-steel are subjected to grinder, stainless-steel can manufacture a spark, whereas aluminium won’t. The magnetic check can even be administered. however, all stainless-steel grades don’t seem to be magnetic.

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