Manufacturing Technology

Kesri Alloys is well equipped with ultra modern steel making technologies.

Weigh Bridge

  • All Incoming and Outgoing material is weighed at our weigh bridge.

Radiation Test

  • Every Incoming and Outgoing material is thoroughly tested and ensured that it should be 100 % radiation free.

Scrap Yard

  • 15000 Sqft. scrap yard with scrap preheating facility and PLC controlled super jumbo baling machine where the scrap is segregated and sorted as per their grades.

Melting Furnace

  • Two Electric Melting Furnaces collectively melting capacity of 90 MT within 24 Hours with latest temperature measuring instruments.

Metal Handling Machines

  • Several EOT Cranes with capacity upto 35MT and various sizes of bottom pouring ladles with ladle pre heaters.

Ingot Casting Pit

  • After Refining, Ingots are casted in pit by bottom pouring ladle in variety of cast iron ingot Moulds which are available in more than 20 different sizes and shapes.

Ingot Cooling Pit

  • Ingot cooling pit filled with Vermiculite with storing capacity of 200 MT Ingots at once.

Continuous Casting Machine (CCM)

  • PLC operated twin Strand Billets / Blooms Continuous Caster with all latest technology.

Dressing Process

  • In house several varieties of Grinders and other tools for dressing and processing the material.

Inspection Area

  • Every product manufactured is checked for different parameter at our inspection area like size, random grade checking, physical defects and their rectification etc before shifting to dispatch area. Our various quality check instruments ensure 100 % product quality.

Dispatch Area

  • 6000 Sqft. area is available for the storage of Ingots, Continuous Cast Billets / Blooms, Rolled and Forged Bars where we retest and ensure 100 % radiation free material is dispatched

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